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“The Sventenna AMH-3 has been a lifesaver on tour. The coverage of the antenna blankets our entire stage and more! The signal quality and deployment is top notch. One feature I absolutely love is the built in strain relief and saftey system. I’ve used this antenna as a part of our IEM rig since 2021 and I have never had a failure with it. It is a wonderful tool that works day in and day out on the road. It’s price point is 1/3 of the competitors and it’s results are better in my opinion. I wouldn’t want to run a show without it.”

-Clint Rorie

Cody Johnson PM/Mons

April 2023

"I purchased two of the AMH-3 Helical Antenna a few years back. Very helpful in making sure they understood what my needs were. They worked flawlessly! I just purchased my third AMH-3 Helical Antenna last month. Excellent quality, fast shipping, very helpful, and fantastic pricing. Thanks again."

-Craig Vetrone

V-tone Audio Production-WI

April 2023

If you enjoy your Sventenna products and would like to add a testimonial, send us a message on the contacts page. We'd love to hear about your experiences!

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